Amazon Must Have August 2022 Beauty-Wellness, and Fashion

Amazon Best Collection For Beauty, Wellness and Fashion in 2022

Today I have another in was on hold for you guys definitely not one of my bigger ones he’s a really good I have a ton of beauty products here only like 1000 thing and a couple like wellness I guess you’d call.

Right now I’m gonna call them so everything I’m talking about is going to be like in the description below for you guys to shop to make sure you check it out down there I also feel like the make up products will have the name listed on with the link as well because sometimes I know you guys say you can like you forget what name I said so just know all that stuff can be like in the description bar like out the details are down there as well while you’re down there go head to click the subscribe button I would love to have you guys joined the family we are most likely going to hit 50 case today so I’m just so so grateful for you guys you have absolutely no idea thank you so much for joining you to family let’s go head to get started okay so I guess I’ll start out with the beauty because that is my biggest category and I will start out with one of my favorite of them all and this is a hair brush cleaning brush by itself so it almost looks like a little teasing home has bristles right here on the Brussels on the end and this is exactly what it sounds like you just take it and you brush within your actual hello. 

Amazon Must Have August 2021 Beauty-Wellness, and Fashion
Amazon Best Collection For Beauty,Wellness and Fashion in 2022

Amazon Must Have August 2022 Beauty-Wellness, and Fashion

You just like rush like this in your actual hero searching here flying everywhere I actually just did it today some her brushes very clean right now but you can get out loose hair that stuck in your brush with this and it’s not actually tear up your brush itself which is really great this is the wet brush I will let this blow for you guys I use a wet brush up some time for the last 2 to 3 years I replace them every few months but they are just so good on your hair a lot more gentle so now they have something that what kind of cleaning now I think they may last a little bit longer but again this isn’t like super tough on your actual brush itself and it just does have a couple different like this one is a little bit thicker while this is a little bit more like then and hard so you’re gonna be able to have your brushes which is just like it makes me so happy to do that like it’s so soothing and I don’t know why next up is actually a technically a repurchase I haven’t like gone through the first when you have to have to explain it so I talked about this a bio oil in my I believe last year was on video I really love it I was shocked at how many of you guys must have been like you will never go without it before like I feel like I was the last person to try this product so many of you guys love it and you can see I’ve gone through a lot of it already I purchased it because I wanted to get rid of the stretch marks on my boobs I talked about that but you know and just grew really really fast in high school and so I did have a lot of stretch marks and so I haven’t seen a like significant change other than just the skin is like so much softer but I’m sure that like over the course of time I will start to see a little bit more change but I just love the way it makes my skin feel regardless so I have used a lot of this and so Iran moves on hands on Monday and I saw that they had and this combo on a lightning deal and lightning deals are like the only happened for a couple hours even then they only have a certain amount set aside to say they have like 1000 of these if 1000 is gone even before that time is not the deal so like you can’t buy anymore so I. I did not this is what I know I’m going to need another a bottle of this just because of how fast I’m going through this so this is the original just like bio oil just like that one and I really love it I use it on my skin at night time. I wasn’t a huge fan of it looks on during the day I don’t feel like it transfers to make sheets or anything I don’t think it’s overly oily. 

Hydrating but under my clothes I did want something that was hydrating just a little lax or oily substance and that is why this is the dry skin gel it has the exact same hydration as the oil itself but it is actually a job for me to see actually use this all over today if you guys can see but it’s like a very sticky consistency is truly a gel it feels very summer like I tell you to put in your hair but it’s not sticky it’s just super super hydrating so this is kind of why I really bought from that lightning deal because I want to try out this one but I mean it never hurts to keep backs off of something that happened to you guys told me like I’ll never go down again like you know me there’s always going to be a product from the call if you can only get one thing from this video let it be this past this product it is just something hydrating on your skin Max I got the true skin vitamin C. facial serum with vitamin E. and hyaluronic acid this product is actually given to me by you guys so many of you told me that this was something I needed to try it doesn’t have a real small so it really. This just smells like I don’t want to say sunscreen because that’s not what it is but like just. Tiny bit sunscreen so it does have a pretty branch sent to it but vitamin C. is really good for your skin especially hyaluronic acid so I recommend using this I use it at night time I know some people use that and see in the morning but anything with hyaluronic acid you do need to put on which restaurant after and the moisturizer that I use in the morning is not heavy at all so in order to just really let my skin kind of like absorb those products I put it on at night time so far have been very impressed with that haven’t had any bad reactions and have very very sensitive skin so something that you guys recommended to me a lot as well vitamin C. serum I cannot wait to see how much better my skin looks after I’ve used it for like a couple months now these to worry purchases these are 2 things that I always keep in back stock and I buy like multiple at a time the first is the living proof full dry volume blast and I always think I keep backstop but I kind of doll I’m that person who like I realize I’m out of something when I’m out and saw go on Amazon by like 23 bottles all right in like a couple days and then I’ll be good for a few months and then we repeat that process so I did have to go ahead and get a couple of these bottles from Amazon this month because I was out of the full dry volume blast just make sure here so the luminous and it’s just hello this is 1 of the best on the market my opinion so I did go ahead in a couple of these I wanted to share this video because this is the only at the moment like the only volume Ising product that I’m like continuously reaching for living proof is like my favorite brand for her next race and then this is the essence lash princess false lash effect mascara I have been using this 1 I use it with a you know a couple others I have a few favorite mascaras really like and this is 1 that I always keep because you can just never go wrong with this mascara I mean it is such a good mascara like I don’t even have to say drug store in front of them yeah it’s a great drugstore mascara but just all in all it I put this up next to some of my like high end mascaras it is so good and this is my favorite I tried a couple of the essence 1. 

But the false lash effect with the green and black bottle is my faith okay elite products so I did a YouTube video the other day Schering a bunch of like clean and make up and beauty products I told you guys in that that like minerals and Ellie I have become my top 2 favorite make up brands I you know I use other make up but I do like those are the ones that are kind of over taking my makeup drawers at the moment and so I actually bought a bunch of Elise stuff this month one of them being in the ileum mascara this is the limitless my lash mascara and it is so pretty on your lashes now I actually have one of the essence on my glasses today because trying to get my old to pay I don’t have this went on to say that this just like makes your lashes read out they look so gorgeous and it doesn’t transfer which is light so amazing I cannot stand when NASCAR like transfers all over your eyes we do also use a mascara primer I do find that sometimes I still have my fear the transfers with the primer but I don’t know if that makes a difference I just like the way primers make my lashes look so I do use this one with a primer I will let the primer below for you guys but this is really a brand must here is so so good it is clean beauty product I also purchased the liquid powder chromatic I stand in the color glaze this is a very subtle so I had been doing for a while that glitter on my eyes from stela and it was like how like you saw my eyes they look so glittery and you could see if Mike mile way out but I did want something that was a little bit more subtle what I didn’t realize about this one is that it actually goes on liquid and it dries almost true to a powder and it’s just so pretty and subtle and that’s what I like it’s not like skin a slap you with glitter you’re not likely to be the well that girl so you know it really going out and I think it’s just simple you can wear on a day to day basis and this color specifically unlike my skin tone it’s not so color glaze ilia liquid powder climatic I tent is for gore. Yes I also have been all into like the liquid plus she is in the blush bombs and all that kind of stuff this is the multi stick from Elia and it is the color cheek to cheek and basically what it says multi say I believe they say you can use it as a lip color on your eyes in order to eat this is a really really pretty rosy red color I had on my cheeks today is very subtle but it is billable so you are going to kind of have to really work on it making it like super strong but if you want just like a very subtle cheek glow you just happens on a couple times got it with your fingers before you like set with powder

It just adds the most like gorgeous glow to your skin and the to his little but the product so far like I thought this for a week or 2 and it has not even sort of crack and did it in the product I actually the person who I know you probably shouldn’t that I roll up my tubes every single time I get something new just to see like how big the product is like for the for instance the first time I rolled up the KK W. beauty contour stick I wrote that up I was like. This is unacceptable. As a way to expensive for this amount of products so I always rolled out to kind of see how much is in there and I was very impressed with the amount that’s in there on top of how little it does like go through with each use then I have and I fell and highlights so this is B. unnecessary eye shadow palette any color cool nude you realize these colors I cannot get it out like this is my happy place these colors so they have formats to metallics and you can create a variety of colors with this eyeshadow palette you can also build this very easy so it does go on very simple and subtle or you can build it to be very very dramatic I have on this color which is I believe if I’m looking at it the color tear drop I have doubt when it just all over today very simple and subtle but I have one that exact color for immediacy prometic looks so really just depends on how heavy you go in with the product regardless like I feel especially young with my skin tone I think you can’t go wrong with like a mob tone so I’ve been reaching for this palette a lot when I get ready and then I also threw away a bunch of my highlights I didn’t realize I had done that until I looked at my drone and I won and I remember doing it like I don’t I’m always there either old expired or they just like we’re a little bit crazy like purple or paying Kerr they’ve broken or something so I kind of just got rid of basically all my highlights

and I needed another one this is one of the most blinding highlights I’ve ever seen with 58 Heine S. amount of products so this is the daylight highlighting powder in the color decades the very first time I got it and I like ran my fingers through it and I kid you not I just like will run my hand down until it’s even apart runs out it was like here from just like all the way down to the product really started to run out from like that one brush I mean this product to the smallest amount goes a long way and that is really what I feel with Ilya products they are a little bit more expensive but they are. All very clean the smallest amount is going to look really really last year it’s gonna look beautiful all day long so don’t let that price really scare you but this is a high I find myself reaching for every single day I mean it is just the perfect color perfect amount of shimmer again is buildable but it’s pretty blinding straight out the palette so very impressed with that and then this is self Tanner so I was looking for a clean a self Tanner seem to be the 1 product comes from him he was like I cannot believe I have knocked down the truly clean self Tanner so I love paradise is on the clean it so for last but it doesn’t get back reader rating on EWG’s website and this gets a 1 a 1 out of 10 this is like 1 of the most incredible self tanners rated as far as like clean goes on that website so I went on Amazon and grab it it’s the beauty by earth self Tanner is a sunless tanning with natural ingredients and it is the prettiest brown like tan color it’s not overwhelming you don’t look like you spent way too much time in the tanning bed but it’s also not subtle I felt very confident in this car actually have it on today I probably need to apply a little bit more because it has been about 34 days at this point since I did it but it is 1 that you put on 6:00 hours later you’re really busy that color set and makes your skin hydrated the whole time it didn’t transfer to anything and it didn’t have about self tanners and also very very impressed with this I just love that it’s clean and I love the is actually a good product it’s not just like rated good and an absolute crap product the 1 wellness product I have. My name is Mariah Robinson and I am a water bottle order I don’t know why this one feels to me so much it’s just noxious. Your couple. Listen to my car it’s huge why do I need this I don’t know I have 100 water bottles

but I don’t have one it’s 50 ounces and so I think that’s what appealed to me and I think so when I saw it I was like crap 50 ounces I have ones that I need it I need it so this is one of the biggest water bottles I have ever purchased from Amazon I did replace the problems the straws plastic with one of my glass straws and did these members on as well a link it below for you guys this is a 50 Alex water bottle and it is not that heavy. I am so good now about drinking well and I mean ever since I started caring runs March the large water bottles I’ve been really good about drinking adequate amount of water on the day and so I actually feel this twice now so I get 100 at least 100 ounces of water a day and it just feels so good to go to bed my skin loves him hydrated my hair loss that I’m hydrated my body feels better because I’m hydrated so this is obnoxiously large I’m aware but I’m what about a quarter and I’m not even sorry and then the last 2 products have actually also what should one wins like these are in the I don’t know how to say this brand T. E. K. E. E. S. T. I don’t know tease but these sandals I actually have a pair of just regular flip flop from them and what I love about these is they are simple normal comfortable flip flops but you can get them in a variety of shades so you can truly get them like new to your skin color I found it like it actually just looks a little bit dressier like just to have a simple pair of new put plus you can wear them with jeans and he still look good so I actually bought this pair from Amazon as well they are still. Fully formed out there a little bit on leave shape because I haven’t worn I think along the same warm was for about an hour but the other pair of the shoes that I have I have worn them for life for 5:00 hours

and I had no discomfort so these are no different I didn’t have the size to 10 in these but again they’re just like really simple sandals and they’re like a good new color so they’re gonna go great with a lot of things you are like your regular bike shorts and a tee shirt we weren’t like jeans a little bit dress yourself they’re really good just like simple flop sandals whatever you just call them and then this bad boy hi. Oh my gosh barefoot dreams is my favorite brand I can’t why Lagos push it so much because it is just truly the softest blanket brands whatever and you don’t have to cater to the actual products themselves like someone got a blinking in and she message means like how much the swatches knows like when you through that thing in the wash or the dryer like normal and that’s what later that week I saw another bloggers say the same thing she was like you don’t have to baby barefoot dreams products you treat them like you treat any other like in your house but it’s still going to maintain that softness and so I have this look really ugly orange Dick road that I got from target last year made me sweat like I loved it because it was warm but I really like if I sat in it for too long and sweat and I didn’t like that so I found it was like you know what I can’t link it for anybody anyways it’s sold out so thank you just get a different one and so I did splurge and get the leopard print barefoot dreams and I am so happy I did because get it’s like warming cozy but it doesn’t make you sweat I did go to a large in this one because I got my mom and the medium and she’s 5 foot 4 very petite very little and I remember I was like how small it doesn’t look like it’s going to really fit well and actually saw her in it and I have the medium is a great call so for me I have a lot broader shoulders and a whole lot taller than my mom like 5 inches taller than my mom so I went with the larger very glad I did it has a great link to it on a tie around the waist pockets but overall like I just can’t see him health retreats it so closely and I’m not sweating when I wear it which is a big plus and that is it for 2 days I hope they explained everything very well again everything’s going to be like the description below for you guys to shop thank you so much for watching and thank you guys so much for 50 K. I we did it today I am so grateful for each and every one of you guys love you so much and I hope that I. See you in my next video.

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