AUGUST 2022 FAVORITES ! Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle Favorites

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AUGUST 2022 FAVORITES ! Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle Favorites

AUGUST 2022 FAVORITES ! Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle Favorites

Hey guys welcome back to my channel and thanks so much for watching it down moved locations I’m into my bed room because I just was getting sick of the same set up so we’re changing not for August fades I don’t believe we are not certain the last 4 months of 2022 when I’m still not done processing 2021.

 Whoa but I’ve got some good products here some fashion immediate lifestyle and even a couple snacks I include snacks into my weekly newsletter I was like what I think so just here to sell everything I’m talking about. From all of you guys to shop to make sure you check it out down there I’m also click the subscribe button if you are new here I would love to have you guys join the family let’s go and get started okay so I guess I’ll start with you because I think that actually is my biggest category this month lots of good and beauty products and the first has been a saving grace of mine so I was really loving their minerals I’m actually gonna try out their liquid foundation really soon but something about August my skin has been super super dry it does happen sometimes during like the warmer months my skin will get really dry but usually it’s driest in the cooler months so I don’t know if it’s just like prepared for the season .

I don’t know what my skin really dry this month and this is the radiant creamy concealer and that was kind of my biggest issue was all of my concealers whether in powder or liquid were looking really like broken up after a couple hours under my eyes because my skin was so dry so I’d really love to this I use the call letter the light to vanilla and it’s good for when my skin is pale or when I am something and if you have any recommendations on how to help like 7 extreme dry skin. Comment below because I was like there’s literally when I went to the bio oil than 11 I was like you can’t put them on your face but like my skin is that try that I really think I should stop creamy concealer has been a lifesaver and no more breaking up under ice thankful for that this serum I loved I basically my whole skincare collection is all dying products I do have a blog post on some of my favorites from that and I am still working on getting up a blog post of like my skin care routine by steps but I’m having some issues with like the back end of my blog it’s like updated is giving me some issues so I’m not sure when it’s going to go out but it is a new release from dying and I use this a couple times and it was like this is botox in a bottle like it makes your skin so like just a firm and like it helps wrinkles so much I feel like my skin actually looked a lot more. Felix all but it just didn’t look is I don’t know I just very much so falling botox in a bottle and it was only 2 days later I saw another girl talking about this and

she was like all this invisible talks in a bottle and I was like see it is so great so I’ve been using this a lot especially my lemons and basically with between rational and this I have been able to completely eliminate like my fine lines and wrinkles around my face in it I believe it’s bad public 6 months that I’ve been using right now so it’s stuff like this you do have to use it over the course of time to really see results but this is so good I wish he came in like a huge bottle and I just would never run out by dying he’s been releasing some really good skin care lately like even better than usual and that is a must have from them Ilya highlighter I talked about this I believe even in my mid month favorite spot I just wanna show here too because it is seriously one of the most beautiful highlights have ever used I have it all over today I could just be the nest especially now that my skin is super dry I don’t want to look super dry and so I’ve been using this every day it is the Iliad decades daylight highlighting powder and is just the most or just like gold tone especially if you have like fair skin like me and a little bit goes a very very long way so don’t have to have a hand with that it’s going to last you a hot. This Valentino blush you guys hi I cannot explain it to you trying to keep Russian it is the previous color ever is the color which. Okay she does not have a color in here I think it’s something like I cannot remember I’ll put it on the screen but I bought this plush from Nordstrom and first what has really good sent to it but I needed a life more like rosy tone flash I feel like all my work kind of purple like I just looked at all now it’s like they don’t have the same tone to them so I got more rosy color and this is standing on it goes on really smooth again it just looks really gorgeous but it does have this tiny little brush that I don’t really use I used it once and I was just kind of like. Not super impressed with it like I feel like this plus like a little bit goes a long way and even now I like it barely like you can’t I can’t tell the difference so I think the brush is like a little bit I thank the blush itself is really great and then this self Tanner I can’t remember

if I talked about this in my mid month favorites or not but I know I have shared it somewhere maybe on and stuff it is the beauty by earth self Tanner it is safe and effective and it is rated it so well on either easy website I believe it’s like one and it is such a calm demeanor like really really hydrating self Tanner that you put on and like about 6:00 hours later your skin just has the most gorgeous glow to it I’m very ready for self 10 right now so I publish yourself 10 last night I didn’t realize this could be filming this video today subscribe on Wednesday but I sense which is not a big deal but this is really really hydrating and a couple of you guys actually told me in the comments section I think it was when you do that last time I talked about this you said it’s actually safe for like pregnancy and even people who have like super super sensitive skin and I can’t use certain softwares there are a couple of you that had said that so just a little FYI it is very clean product and I have been very very impressed with this so far like it is just the creamy us up all of the self tanners that I have okay. Fashion I feel so alone so this month I finally was like okay I need to figure out what all the fuss is about one of my girlfriends has been talking about lululemon leggings for ever and we both have this horrible habit of when we get drunk we shop and so at the beach thank god we were kind of drunk and I was like sit there one day on the beach and I was just waisted pants and I was like ordering all of this stuff from Amazon

and she was doing the same but from lululemon and she was like you just have to try the lululemon leggings so I actually decided to try the lululemon align and I went with the bike shorts first so I got my true size 6 and I grabbed that nis 6 inch length because all the directories I have R. U. V. 8 or even 10 inch so I want to go a little bit shorter. Wohl feel real dog for waiting so long first they have a little pocket on the inside right here so I’m guessing it’s big enough to fit your phone looks big enough to fit your phone but it is on the inside waistbands if you wanna like work out of these but y’all horse homework so like binary creamy soft and I have heard like mixed reviews of washing and drying certain things from lululemon I’m not quite sure if it’s online I washed and dried these with no issue I was like one specific I know that they’re planning to have some different kinds to like get more heat thirst but. It. Everybody else I do it I’m like if you can get one thing from this video get this be something from the online collection for lululemon I love these so so much but I actually did decide to get the leggings as well and it same as the but shorts I got to say 6 and they also have a pocket on the inside right here and it looks like it could fit the phone watching Dr beautifully didn’t shrink or not at all see through but they just feel so soft like I totally get it I get what everyone is saying and I tried some leggings before from Amazon that say they’re like lululemon. 

This is my first time buying then I don’t think that’s true I think the ones from Amazon or similar but not near as like overwhelmingly soft is the cell I’m officially a fan I’m late to the game I know but I have more than 9 stock this month it took me forever my friend was finally like you have to try them you will love that and so I got another favorite are actually hearing that I’m wearing so they are 2 different sets I’ll do a close up for you guys so that you can see a little bit better but I am a Kendra Scott jewelry fan through and through you guys know that the Tory amber Senate cantor Scott reattach to favorite Andriy branch I’m wearing the tremors and bracelet today and then Kendra Scott earrings I cannot get enough of them and these hearings actually the ones that I’m wearing like Mike the holes close to my face are just so pretty I think you can wear them for work you can wear them casual like I have them dress up dress down and they could go with so many things they’re not like super fancy real casual and then also the 1 to bring my second hole are also that way like you could dress not dressing down but they are just overall like the perfect minimal simple I guess you would call the hoops I have them both will have make ups I have them both in the vintage gold in his chest port is like the perfect hearing I warranties almost every day for the last 23 weeks and you guys have seen them if you follow me on it’s still like these are all I wear basically anymore. Gus and then this so this is called a flippy. Okay I don’t I don’t know where it’s been all my life but it is literally an iPad holder and as you flip it the iPad can sit at a different angles in here it’s like a lot more straight up this one it’s like very relaxed but in July if you follow me on inside you know that I started watching the Marvel movies in order I watch them all the way through and now I am like almost through the series I’m looking now so I’m like almost completely done I can’t believe it I want to do it because we saw Black Widow in theaters I realize it’s a little bit confused so I started and watch them all the way through all on my iPad as well I have this little thing that I could just sit anywhere and it holds up my iPad versus the standard I haven’t. 

In here I understand that I have it’s a little bit more flimsy so this is like more sturdy and Sam even use it sometimes but this is like passel Amazon purchase ever and it just hold your iPad approx right up again you can like choose a different angle and I mean it’s been great because all I have literally done for the last month any spare jet I’m watching a Marvel movie or a marble like TV series and then. Like I said I’m gonna include snacks I know it’s a little bit weird they do this in my newsletter as I wanted to share here for the first are these I guess it’s called levers or rice cakes with dark chocolate again if you follow me on and stuff you see knees Hey are so delicious I like these the most because they actually look like this they have the dark chocolate on one side and then the rice cake part is like actually underneath it and it’s not mix and I don’t know why I just like you can get a taste of dark talk a little bit better but I cannot stop eating these they are so good only 70 calories for one ‘s life so pretty low calorie too but delay ships like such a gorgeous low calorie snacks you know it’s like a little. Little desserts so this is been something I like I I can’t stop eating them it’s excessive and the last thing I want to talk about is the goals I know it’s ridiculous but I mentioned the other day on my Instagram that I felt like it was ten again because my entire life I have always been a pickle fans and I he’s actually get in trouble because when like me and my family would get home from the grocery store I would wait long enough for the people still like it cold in the fridge and I would drink the pickle juice before any of the pickle seventeen and my mom would fuss at me so much she was like you can’t do that and the other day I was about to go into a meeting and I as a grown up twenty six year old woman was sitting there drinking my pickle juice and I just felt like I was hit all over again and so I shared that story and it opened up a debate yall I’m parenting people are passionate about their pickles and I tried the Claussen pickles they were so gross I think sweet pickles are crying it should be legal that is a form of torture sweep across are discussing and the Claussen pickles I think that’s how you say it have a slight sweetness to it so I’m gonna give a shout out to Matt all in here because that is my true writer truth be eating those kind of vehicles since I was ten years old like drinking the pickle juice straight from the jar and getting in trouble I can’t go without them and not all pickles just near my face and there was another kind of tickles everyone’s telling me so much so I told him how I really feel like I need to get these pickles from the store and like do a taste test on my Instagram because people are passionate about the pickles

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