Best Email Marketing Software (I TRIED IT ALL!) 2022

Best Email Marketing Software 2022 ( I TRIED IT ALL)

Best Email Marketing Software 2022 ( I TRIED IT ALL)

In this blog, I share with you the best email marketing software in the market today

let’s go. Hey guys my name is money got the from India on this channel and my blog I share useful information that I hope will help you become a better person in life if you’re New York do check out my website and when he got to know more about me and the stuff that I I hope we can be friends so you want to grow your online business and every marketing expert says that email is the best way to go fine but how do you choose from some 500 plus email marketing software out there in the market that is the real problem you see the last 10 years of my career.

I’ve tried almost all email marketing software out there in the market today and even to this day keep trying so the list I’m going to share with you in the midst of the pundits of cost of research and hands on experience trying to at the end of this video you will know which is the best email marketing software for bloggers start ups big companies even almost and such different use cases number one on my list is actively campaigning once an underdog active camping is not one of the most popular email marketing tools with over 130000 customers.

active campaign is simply put a robust back home with a lot of features that are easy to use and offers a lot of value from predictive sending and predictive content of triggering SMS messages outside messages on your website active campaign provides an exceptional tool kit for small businesses to grow their business one area but I’ve always felt active damping is lacking is that reporting well. it has improved in recent years active campaigns reporting isn’t quite on par with the likes of fox one or autopilot for the wast majority of small businesses looking for a great email marketing tool that’s easy to use and affordable active campaign is likely the best balance of bobble portability and ease of use number 2 on our list is send in blue send in blue is best known for its transactional email capabilities and that’s how they started building on the. Repudiation they built an email marketing automation product and occurred to be competing with some of the best out there one of the few email marketing providers with service in the European Union which helps with the GDPR compliance issue and they have good data debates as high as 98 percent.

But I’ve seen their marketing automation features are good but lacks some of the most advanced features such as you know goal tracking native integrations except if you need an email marketing tool with a solid API to get your emails into inboxes but the good deliverability rate sending blue screen those developers please makes it an excellent choice also they are cheaper when it comes to large email sense compared to some of the other popular email marketing software out there next up is drip first off I love their branding it’s more of an email solution for E. commerce businesses running on Shopify like platforms but drip integrates deeply with all mainstream economists platforms like Shopify Magento and woocommerce as well as the more obscure and custom made once they have all the features you want in an E. commerce email solution like automation tracks actual email triggers eccentric drip helps you understand revenue generation and it’s built in revenue analytics tools engages customers across multiple channels like from social media channels to estimates and the pricing is very appealing as well starting with close to $19 per month next up is also quite best for marketing automation this is one of my favorites using gone are the days when email marketing was all about sending Bach music does to everyone who signed up that is just so 2008 today email has to be relevant and customize and basically less annoying that used to be before and that’s why I’m a big fan of marketing automation and auto pilot eases it they have one of the best design canvases for building email automation sequences even automation sequences can become confusing autopilot solves this by allowing you to I don’t think your automation sequences but emoji stickers and explosions make it easy for teams to call. Right and build good sequences they have a nice drag and drop kind was we can basically mind map all your email sequences with smart custom triggers auto pilots reporting is also excellent with all kinds of our way based reports what its price slightly on the higher side starting at $49 per month for 2000 contacts but it also is almost to see I don’t like it begins which is why many startups are opting for it next up is kind what the market is a really thought out email marketing platform I would say as someone who’s used email marketing for yours I can go back and look it was designed by someone or a team that tried all of the platforms and tied with that and created one for their own it’s very evident in their choice of features it’s a relatively simple email marketing tool used almost exclusively by bloggers and online course instructors to develop their personal brands and it doesn’t have your typical email marketing bells and whistles it doesn’t even have email templates that’s gonna work it encourages its users to send plain text emails to increase engagement and that makes total sense as most of its users are individuals trying to build a personal brand but it does make them look it up often for those who want to use it for other use cases like E. commerce and stuff so if it agreed to all that just needs a simple tool to serve your audience with regular content there’s no better tool than conflict they have a free plant and charges you $29 once you cross the 1000 subscribers so there you have it guys some of the best email marketing software on there I know what you’re thinking right now what about the obvious ones right MailChimp and stuff well here let me quickly mention some of the most obvious and outstanding interesting ones with my personal view mention super easy to use but expensive and not scalable deliverability is an issue too it’s best used as a free tool if you want to just test on email marketing skills sandy for those of you who wants to cut down on the price and set things up yourself from even supposed to email send me all the D. I. Y. like solution it’s super cheap for Shaw has amazing deliverability but you’re pretty much. On your own I bought it tried my hand at setting it up and feet I hospital refund on the support email and never got a reply so that’s that so what’s the best email marketing software out there today in the market even this ease of use I think active camping is your best bet best email marketing software that’s affordable I would choose email octopus and made a lot of them which have been mentioned in the first part of this video both are likely to offer super cheap pricing options for a growing company and offers features at bar for most of the time with the best and expensive grace so what about deliverability and email marketing tool is worthless if your emails end up in the spam folder right that’s why I was does it might be that it would have been the is a crucial factor and of course a lot depends on your email content but from a platform perspective I think active down being able and email octopus scored the best in this area so we still have the best email marketing features clearly my choices would be active camping and autopilot love both of these tools for the robins features and product cycle they keep adding stuff that makes them move faster ahead of others in terms of features so if you’re looking for a lot of cool features to play around with I would go for active campaign and auto pilot so to summarize guys didn’t want to that’ll fit everyone because you knew that but depending on your use case there might be one that fits you if you are a blogger then obviously conflict it is an obvious choice if you’re a new E. commerce store then of course drip is an excellent choice if you need a lot of automation and auto pilot is the best choice but if you need to hold some better balanced email marketing do then able and active campaigns are great choices there are plenty of other email marketing tools to out there and it is unfair not to mention them but at the same time this far too many to include in the media there are some interesting ones though which I mentioned down the description to check them out before taking the call I would like to meet you if you have any questions let me know in the comments section below see another video this is money got the final.

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