Dukaan App Review-Make Your Own Online Store in 1 Minute

Dukaan App Review-Make Your Own Online Store in 1 Minute

Dukaan App Review-Make Your Own Online Store

2 years ago if you want to create an online business, You have to do the following:

  • Buy a domain name
  • Get a hosting platform
  • Make a website on an E. commerce platform
  • Buy and install a good theme and design for your website
  • Install plugins and tools to make online shopping possible payment gateways.  And perhaps 23 other things
  • I mean, i’m running a small business here with just minimal resources pretty much a one-man army.

If I were to learn all these things myself I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t get the time to run my business online.

Luckily, it’s 2021 and we have some amazing tools today that’ll not suck up your time and make it difficult for you to create your online store. In fact the app I’m going to review today will help you create your own fully functioning ready-to-go online store in one minute or less.

let’s take a look so this app that I wanted to share with you today is called dukaan, and gonna tell you for those of you who don’t know the dukaan in Hindi means to shop. It does one thing and only one thing pretty good it lets you create your own online store in minutes when I say an online store. Your own online store where you can list down your products accept orders track them, take online payments and even create your own app everything right out of the box.

This is how it goes?

So all you have to do is:

  • Go to the android play store search for the Dukaan and install the app on your phone
  • If you don’t have a mobile app then you can go to any browser and get started without the app also
  • Both mobile app and the browser experience is super simple so just go to
  • Visit web.myducan.io on browser
  • Give your phone number
  • You will get the otp verified
  • You’re in given your store name any name that you want you can change this later
  • Choose a category give your address and you’re done

I just made my own store called MK suites in like 30 seconds or less. By the way, there are plenty of categories to choose from pawnshops to hotels to local services. They got it all if you’re running a service like online tuition or say online counseling services. You can also set up your store without having a physical product easily. So as soon as you give your details your store will be instantly set up and you will get access to the app where you can add your products change, your store name, etc.

So what I really like is that it’s super easy to use anyone who has used WhatsApp or Gmail can use it. It’s that simple inside the store, you can change your settings where you can give a new name to your store add your logo change your street address, etc. It’s all very simple. Your store will get a unique link also like myducan.io slash your store. In my case is mydukan.io mksuites which you can share with anyone and they will be able to see your products right away but, of course, the important step is to add your products.

Dukaan App Review: Make Your Own Online Store in 1 Min
How to add Products to Dukaan App

How to add products?

  • It’s as simple as creating a WhatsApp group actually easier than that go to the products tab
  • Click on add new product and just add the basic details like if you have a a physical product like in my case chocolate
  • Add the picture give the name give the MRP the selling price
  • How many units you have and maybe a small product description and click save
  • That’s about it the product will immediately be available on your online store for anyone to buy you can also have different
  • Categories of products like for example chocolates, Buiscuits, cakes whatever
  • You can add all of those and you can even share the product link on whatsapp with others.

Everything is super simple, Now wait a minute at this moment let me just remind you that the Dukaan just made possible what would have taken you months of work, learning, tweaking, and launching your own online e-commerce store.

In just under a minute you have a beautiful looking store with products listed that anyone from anywhere can buy like imagine the possibilities here a homemaker sitting at home can start her own online tuition business in just one minute. A local boutique the owner now can go international with her products and her own app. The world is your marketplace in just a few clicks now.

The Dukaan also offers a whole lot of other powerful features that will make your online store awesome like special discount coupons a free QR code that you can generate and share for the store link a customer database with all the names of your customers and their shopping preferences marketing designs for promoting your store.

Life’s all ready-made and super simple to use all these are free features that many other apps will charge you even and Dukaan makes it super simple that even your grandma can make her own store. Dukaan also lets you set up your online payments easily on your store so that your customers can pay online and you get the money in your bank account this can be done in one simple step.

Just give your UPI id of your bank or your bank details like your account number your ifsc code and just quickly verify it and that’s about what is super awesome is that you will get the amount credited to your bank account instantly on product delivery instantly. That is just so awesome there is no delay whatsoever like another platform no more waiting until month-end no more accounting. it’s all automatic and instant, It cannot get more simple than this I can tell you that now for the buyer,

it’s super easy to buy any product from you

  • just add the items to the shopping cart
  • Verify your phone number with otp either
  • pay the amount via upi
  • net banking or even cash on delivery

If that is your preference so essentially all you need to start your own online business

  • Business name
  • A list of products you want to sell
  • The price details of course
  • Hook it up with your bank account
  • you are ready start sharing your store

Link to anyone over Whatsapp and start taking orders immediately, and one more thing, you can manage all of this from WhatsApp new orders, order tracking and order statuses, etc are all updated. Via whatsapp you will automatically get all the updates. In whatsapp real time simple as that and you can also create your own android app. So, that your customers don’t have to remember your store link just ask them to install the app and order from it whenever they want.

You can even generate reports like how many sales you made, how much profit, etc for free just click on the reports and you will have it you don’t even need an accountant anymore. So, if you want to start an online business beat a grocery store or a boutique or a tuition service. Dukaan is the easiest way you can get going, no hiccups no charger plus. The team is consistently adding updates and free tools to the product they recently launched a free slogan generator a privacy policy generator and even a free invoice generator.

I can only see it getting better and better now dukhan is backed up by top bc funds like lightspeed and metrics partners it is headquartered in Bangalore and has an amazing team behind it headed by Suumit Shah and Subhash Chaudhary.

it’s a 100 percent desi Indian company that is about to revolutionize. The online business industry in India like they say we are not in the business of building digital storefronts. We are in the business of building entrepreneurs and there are a lot of us out there isn’t it. So guys, If you want to start your online business. The easiest way is to use the Dukaan and you can get it at mydukan.io

Check it out it’s free to use, it’s an amazing app and I’m superkick to be reviewing this app today if you have any questions feel free to let me know in the comments section and I’m glad to answer. Thank you!

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