TARGET HAUL – Fall Transition Style 2022 Jackets, Tops, Jeans

TARGET HAUL – Fall Transition Style 2022 Jackets, Tops, Jeans

TARGET HAUL – Fall Transition Style 2022 Jackets, Tops, Jeans

Hello my loves walking back to my channel and thanks so much for watching today we are doing my men my favorites I know we are typically a little over halfway through the month I wanted to share the products that I just really been living with you guys I did this last month and you guys really liked it rather than just seeing a big huge pile products at the end of the month kind of sure when I’m living in the mean time and then through the end of the month I will share like overall for the entire month favorites again so everything I’m talking about is going to be linked in the description below for you guys to shop so make sure you check it out down there I’m also what your down they’re going to click the subscribe button I would love to have you guys join the fan so grateful for each and every single one of you let’s go ahead and get started.

 Okay so I want some recipe for a minute I talked about this my last month man must be rich I think even my monthly favorites CBT has been completely life changing for many reasons I talked a lot about it for like I think it was like 8 minutes in the last video and I want to kind of just shared again here to all kind of briefly touch on the big points of it but equilibria is the company for women by women and they have a full spectrum CBD doesn’t seem to do you’re going to get like you know at a gas station on the side of a road all their C. B. D. is fully traceable it’s non GMO it’s organic it is like truly is the good stuff and I have been using this since may I believe this may or April I can’t remember but I take the daily soft gels and then I also do it the daily drop so I talked a little bit about this nephew as well and I shared with you guys that when I first started taking the C. B. D. I use the drops in the morning and then I used the soft gels at night and they actually have a dosage of specialists that you get to talk with after about a month of being on the products and all kind of just walk through your day with you kind of figure out what times of day maybe like structure points for you and she was able to actually completely change like my dosage and decide that for me it would be better if I did the the soft gels at lunch time and then the 2 rocks at night time and my sleep improved tremendously after that stress levels improved after that overall it just like maybe feel more balanced immediately

so that is a great thing about the distance specialist is it they’re going to like recommended dose based on you and your life because it’s not a one size fits all like and it’s you know it’s not the same dosage for everybody and even more than that equilibria actually came out with some gummies and y’all so actually filming this the day minor supposed to come in hi it couldn’t wait any longer for them to come I am so excited to try out their gummies your full spectrum CBD their organic they’re vegan I. Just can’t wait for them to come in and I actually have the subscription service from equilibrium so that is what I recommend for you guys I told you that actually it’s cheaper for you guys to do the subscription because you are going to be like bundling these products you also don’t have to worry about remembering to order them and not so you’re gonna see the best results from CBD is when you are using on a consistent basis so I 100 percent recommend the subscription to you guys and so I did write this down because I want to make sure I got the price right because you can get the daily gummies on the subscription but they can be purchased on a subscription for $44 or and they now have a new essential plus collection that you can get $411 so you can get the daily gummies on a subscription and they are 10 milligrams of CBD

but I cannot wait to get those and just because like this is a true monthly favorite of mine is the C. V. D. and so I can’t wait to try out those as well okay 4 other like wellness products I guess I actually talked about this the other day my Amazon video this is a a 50 ounce water bottle and I said in the video here I’ll say it again my name is Laura Robson and I what about a hoarder and I’m not even sorry and. I love water bottles and I have like 30 outside 40 ounce bottles as a result on this 50 ounces and pink we do have other colors but when I saw this thing because like it’s meant to be I don’t have 50 on water bottle I need that and this is like a monster sized what about like I have to buckle the sim. It’s huge but I like that I can just fills up twice and then not have to worry about it for the rest of the day I try to drink on a 2 gallon of water a day but it with this I’m drinking at least 100 ounces of water a day and that is so important my skin it loves me for it so this is a for sure made my favorite I can not tell you guys how important is to drink your what okay get anything else from me learn anything else drinking water being in a constant state of like minded dehydration even it’s like has such a huge impact on your life you have no idea I also can not shut up about this by well I really feel like people are sick of hearing me talk about it but you guys know when I love something I’m not gonna mention it once and then just never talk about it again that is such a pet peeve of mine when people do that and so I’m gonna keep talking about it this is the best well I’ve ever used on my skin to be honest like one of the only will send every use that I genuinely light usually for me it was lotion but I kept hearing people talk about how good this is it’s known to help with scars and stretch marks uneven skin tone aging dehydrated skin it’s that it’s even safer pregnancy isn’t here at the bottom it says like during pregnancy applied twice daily from the first trimester until after birth so it is a very like clean safe product to use and you can see I use a lot of it I literally better than this at night time and I noticed such a difference is specifically in my legs

I feel they just feel so hydrated and they used to actually be the first thing that would feel really try when I did self tan but I got these for my stretch marks on my boobs in my diet so of course the longer I use it I’m sure the better the results will be so I can’t wait to see that but I use this every single night like religiously with my skin care routine I’m gonna have a link below for you guys it is just so what I hear a lot of like older women that say that’s really good on their aging skin again like pregnancy like they’re pregnant girls I follow that use that it is just like it is the best oil and it doesn’t like transfer to your sheets and make you feel like gross and slimy. Okay this I absolutely want to rave about and I really like what to know if there’s a bigger size this I haven’t checked yet because I’m not out of this one so tool is A. like cleaner skin care brand they put probiotics and superfoods everyone other products and I saw on their website that they don’t use mineral oils so this is actually a mineral magic oil free mineral sunscreen and so that kind of piqued my interest when I first saw this online because mineral sunscreen actually like sits on top of your skin the very first time I ever used it I was like what is happening and it was like gross and just didn’t absorb and I was really nervous about trying this of course I am glad to keep a small bottle because I hated it I would have just a little bit better about buying it but you can. This is actually now becoming one of my favorite sunscreens I use it more than the other tool a sunscreen because it’s just so damn but it is asking F. 30 and it has UV a and UV B. protection so again like if you don’t learn anything for me please please learn or sunscreen every single day on your skin every day you guys I’m not kidding like protecting your skin from the sun is so important and so I wear this in a remake up doesn’t like break up any of my products or anything this is really good I just need to check and see because this is 1.5 fluid ounces and I would prefer a bigger bottle but because it’s like a liquid and a very tiny step like amount goes a long way and then to like make up products technically so I won’t feel about their minerals like you had a father figure we get it you like it we move on yeah FEMA minerals foundation is like my favorite foundation of all time I have one mission that

I love but I just can’t keep feeling like this one is superior this is the bare minerals matte foundation because I am an oily skin girl and I use the colour feeling medium 5 I got this from all time and I am just every time a user minerals I’m more more impressed with it I never knew that my oily skin could love powder products and looks so good with powder products until I started using this it just it’s a clean makeup brand is a great high quality it provides a full coverage finish it looks good like I could talk for days about bare minerals but I’ll see if you guys like just now this has a special place in my heart I will for ever and ever and ever and then this is the next marshmallow primer actually heard about this one ticked off a long time ago and I bought it and I have not stopped buying it since it is really good it does come out I don’t want I might hesitate to see which but it does come out kinda like sticky like almost like a melted marshmallow but it goes on your skin and like absorbs in your skin very smooth but it does definitely may. Your product like stick very well I used to be it like only and all 4 how do you list primer like kind of girl I I would have sworn it was like hands down my favorite drugstore primer but this has recently become the one it just like every day I’m reaching for I got like you’ll have to use a primer with this but sometimes if I like no I’m going to be wearing my make up for a full like you know 14 hours whenever I needed look good all day I’m gonna wear this for just like a little bit extra insurance on my make up and I just. Because given myself the hick ups. Some claim that these next 3 or fashion but I don’t really know if this counts as like fashion so my husband and I were joking the other day we like who knew there’d be a time we used to love and be like so serious about our travel coffee mugs and now since we both work from home full time we think it’s not really something we have to worry about we were joking like we have a user travel mugs and of course

I went and bought this and I fell in love with it so now even I’m home all the time I use this as my regular coffee about this I don’t know I see it is a real Starbucks like reusable Cup the girl who makes these on Etsy bye sees from Starbucks but she puts whatever color and logo you are here and you can decide what you want written on here so I got Mariah’s copy in gold and it is really cute now this is it says it’s BPA free but you can’t put it in the dishwasher microwave any of that I’m pretty sure that just because it would melt the plastic I’m not entirely sure so do your own research all not if you are trying to definitely 100 percent stay away from the BPA but I think this is super Q. and if you do really want to stay away from B. P. I mean another thing I recommend is just like if you want to just use this with like colder drinks that is kind of a wake is not being on the whole feel of the VA it’s like he really release is that in the product so I love this little coffee mug I think it is so Q. and I’ve been using it all the time for my coffee I also got these sneakers this month and I am just so in love so so in love these are without a doubt like my favorite Nordstrom sale purchase and I originally they weren’t even on my list I don’t think and even when they did get on my list I purchased them I was just like cool like I’m gonna have another pair of sneakers but I just truly love on house speaker so much I think they are so nice if you really like light weight on your foot and they’re just very very comfortable shoes so I got them with the pink and white on the bottom and I like this a little bit more because the other shoe and. The top part actually got really really dirty from going orange theory from the rowing machine like the strap it was like black cross here so they’re like destroyed from orange theory so I needed a new pair anyway with these have been without a doubt like my favorite Martian self purchase my favorite like she’s a mom I’ve been wearing these on my walks you can see kind of started to get a little bit dirty but I just love on cloud speakers and people

I find the the reviews are so mixed on the very first time I went on the oncology website I think it told me to go up one full size for my true size my mom and dad both have on clouds and they have like separate kinds both of them are like we have a true size and they fit fine get your true size just leave on the tags and that’s what I always do that yes it’s disappointing if you get something it comes in it’s not the right size but leave your tags on so when I bought the original paramount’s house I got a minute 9 half they fit perfect so I bought these in a 9.5 they fit perfect I don’t know why some people say what happened to what the website says quote one but if you’re asking me my family any of us and like almost all of us there’s probably like 6 pairs of on clouds we all have our tree size so men women different styles of shoes get free size I got a 9 half they fit perfect and then the last purchase. This is my baby I have never in my life just like steered it back like I started this one like a crazy person this stunner is a Pauline Paris that I had seen Caitlyn Covington carrying this back for so long and I finally was like okay I want to get it this is the number one in the tri color leather and it is a like honey in back but it’s not a super high in price I believe all of their barracks don’t quote me on that are under $500 and when this one came and I just was like floored with the quality it has a pocket on the back you can get the bag was like I mean they have tons of colors you can get like one it’s just all this brown color you can get all black opaque I wanted something that was like a little bit of a variation of like this is a good fall transition back. And you guys it fits so much inside of this is really see on there is kind of like a black hole but let me just. Show you guys make sure everything’s in here got my wallet. Glasses. Check out snacks because I eat 495 times a day. He’s. 

What wipes because. Delta. Sunglass case I have a retractable. Liberal arts I like that little revised. A nail file and that’s the main part back I also have like a compact a lipgloss and some lady products in the zipper pouch so it fits a lot down in this that you can see if they’re a little bit better but I just really wanted a bag that was going to. Hold me again through that like kind of fall transition time I feel like I was carrying was like super summary and at this point I’m just trying to like talk fall into existence and just hopefully it’ll just catch up so I’m very glad that I did it purchased this bag is just so so pretty I occurred everywhere and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it so far okay guys and that is it for today’s video I cannot believe that we are actually again. A little bit more than halfway through the month we’ve got what. Another full week and then some change and then it’s September which his chest I can’t believe it so thank you guys for watching thank you for being here another month I love you guys so much good to go below the subscribe button and I hope they see you in my next video.

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