Free or Paid Hosting for Blogging – Which is Better?

Free or Paid Hosting for Blogging | – Which is Better?

Free or Paid Hosting for Blogging
Free or Paid Hosting for Blogging |

Hey guys welcome back to another blog this is money got to kill others the different set up I’m trying and in this blog will answer very significant and often repeated question specially in the community by young lovers or people who wants to get started with blogging and that is should you go for a free blogging platform or should we invest some money and go for paid blocking the cyclic. 

Welcome back to this is money got big and if you’re new here make sure you subscribe to my channel and like the video if you like the content that I’m sure it’s a watch this video on to the end in order to decide that so before answering the question of whether you should go for a paid blogging service or a free blog and service let me give you well let me tell you a story my own person sorry so back in 2005 2006.

when I got into blogging things were very different because you don’t have very many options like you have today to get started but the most obvious and the most popular option you had to get started blogging was to go on our blog on our country does the same brand from Google which allowed you to create your own blog and it was very very easy just like creating a free G. mail account.

I had a female economy created a free blog as well on to super easy 2 minutes 3 minutes Max that’s it I had a blog and I was blog I could get a blogging like something I think it was called the needles of I didn’t even know if it’s available right now I should check probably I would be embarrassed for checking that’s for sure but anyways that’s the you oughta and I started blogging the right I started writing about stuff I thought was interesting to other people you know like which movies I watched about gadgets and technical things and everything.

so basically everything that came into my brain like a brain dump plus a diving sort of celebrity come on a daily basis that was what my blog was at that point of time it is ridiculous that if I go back and read all of that I’m pretty sure that it would be like a loft right I wrote some pretty bad stuff that but the whole experience blogging right I learned a lot over there and that’s what brought me a lot of lessons when you do that self-learning yourself you learn a lot that other people won’t be able to teach and that’s the beauty of it so what I did in that first 6 months I think 3 to 6 months while being on

I learned a lot 1 of the things that I can do but I also think that I should be doing what I can be doing the reason is that Blogspot. Had a lot of limitations right I didn’t know that and I thought that this is the best blogging platform that it’s free everybody’s on so let me also do it and I jumped in and started writing started blogging and I realize that a lot of things that it wouldn’t let me do like for example changing the U. R. L. so being you know SCO stuff that you actually want to do so all those things couldn’t be done and I only realize this a few months later into blowing by the time.

I had a couple of articles already written that was a little bit of traffic coming in I was actually already shedding my you are with my friends and family and they were already you know reading all the stuff and now I was stuck with his name and I was really difficult I had a difficult time changing it right so I was wondering if they change the changes that changes on off so then is when I realized that all the popular guys all the folks who are getting a lot of traffic from Google I’m never on like if you Google something today how many times do you get a website from blogspot or

the free one pretty much nothing today all of them are dedicated website with a lot of branding lot of you know fast loading pages fancy so was and all that stuff so I knew does this as well back in those days and I thought okay wait a minute so blogspot is easy to get into but this is not what you want right if you wanted to do the C. just me then you go to do something. Seriously so that was the whole idea and that’s when I noticed that all these professional bloggers had their own to meaning that on servers that on 7 hosted wordpress platform that’s when they would you know kind of started to find out one of the things that they bought or how much did they invest.

I’ve learned that these professional vocals were like thousands of dollars of spending monthly and I couldn’t I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have the money right so what do I do you know how big a blow because like me what do we do other than blogspot so then I realized slowly that that other cheaper options do we can let the baby steps and try certain things and I start doing that like for example $5 gone monthly cycles of what this platform and stuff like that which was really interesting.

I mean it wasn’t the best of starts with some of these things were like downright shady stuff like hostgator and all these different hosting platforms which was like $7 $5 per month the slide here stuff so it was the slowest of bistro dimes I mean at that point of time bistro thing wasn’t even a thing that you will mention languages wanted everything to show up in like one place on the website and that was all and even those things were like breaking and all that sometimes they’ll be like down times and you wouldn’t have like traffic lost everything but that was all that I could afford not that I could I could have bought you know big expensive so is everything.

but the problem was that I didn’t have the revenue coming in from blowing at that point of time so it only made sense that I put in let’s say $10 or $20 if I made $100 out of it I don’t mind putting like 50 percent of my driving you back into the distance and that’s fine but then I wasn’t making any money at all at that point of time so I decided not to do it I decided to wait and I decided to go with the most cheapest info so sense people stop posting services and decided that I lived with it until I become you know a professional logo all reach a point.

but I have a lot of money coming in so that I can put it back into the business so that’s my little story and I think it makes sense I think the answer is pretty much clear or obvious that you see free blogging is free blog and a lot of things you can do with it but there are a lot of things that you cannot do with it and that’s really important nobody tell. See that until you actually go in there to stop and try it out and many people make this mistake of going too far into it with the free long back from and then trying to switch to a problem platform and that’s when it gets a bit messy with a lot of technical stuff you have to take out of that a lot of broken things and a lot of issues that generally speaking.

so you would want to avoid that so what I would recommend you guys is if you’re starting with blogging try to get a custom to get familiar with the ways how blogs Watson how blogging words by testing it out on a free blogging platforms like wordpress dot com or blog right but the moment you want to get serious about it after you learned everything like how to post something how to add tags how to change the world although things want to learn that’s when you get CDS and that’s when you have to go pro in den.

make sure that you jump to a platform where you can scale with it like after one year to your to your you don’t want to switch you know a lot that you have to stick to whatever you you started with that’s when you need a self hosted blogging platform that’s when you need a domain name that’s when you need a fast so that’s when you need a very quickly page load time so think about those things because you’re going to need them anyways if you are serious about it if it’s playing around with it yeah what does all blog doesn’t

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