Top 5 Best Live Streaming Android and ios Apps in 2021

Top 5 Best Live Streaming Android and ios Apps in 2021

Top 5 Best Live Streaming Android and ios Apps in 2021

5 Best Live Streaming Android/ios Apps in 2021

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Today,I will show you which are the best live streaming apps out there for you to both and on your service as always no bullshit let’s go. So I agree twenty twenty doesn’t have so many good things to talk about pretty much everything as we know are lying low and waiting for a good time to spread back but there’s one thing that I’ve seen a lot of activity you to me blogging and all of the ways to make a living online I’ve been doing it for so long that I feel happy to be helping folks like you want to start a blog or stop the YouTube channel and once this activity pain may call it that has gotten a lot of attention lately S. live streaming I’m sure you’ve seen live streams on Facebook or Instagram celebrities and politicians come online and talk to their fans interact answer the common success it’s so much fun but that’s not just it that a hardcore streaming options like live game streams even streaming and even live concert and conference rooms these days thanks to the pandemic so which are the best live stream tools out there .


let’s take a look the number one on my list is ReStream ,lets you stream to more than thirty social platforms at the same time most of us have personal Facebook profiles and multiple business pages right with restraint you can push the same stream to all your previous profiles and even other platforms resume also lets you customize your streams but things like branding elements your logo and things like that it also has the ability to have multiple people on screen at once in my experience is the best live streaming apps out there it’s available for desktop iOS and android this has basic features a totally free


Second best live streaming app StreamYard ,This is a desktop only streaming software that does some very interesting things the first thing you will notice about stream yard is that it’s super easy to use and get used to and this app is great for folks who want to do multiple guests interviews for debates and arguments on live stream you know involving more than 1 person it lets you share your screen have custom graphics like your company logo or call to action and things like that and just like other have. It also lets you live stream directly to social media platforms like YouTube Facebook and linkedin it’s available as an online app so you don’t need to download anything but you need to be on a desktop to make it work it offers the basic question for free try it out the link in the Below.

3.OBS Studio

OBS Studio the popular not only this is probably the only completely free apps in this list it is totally free but not the best software to get used to the interface is a bit difficult to navigate and doesn’t have the best experience but it offers 2 pizzas than many other apps awful only in their paid what’s it lets you add multiple sources like webcam stream shedding its subject. It’s to do some basic editing and switching on the lights you can also connect with the most popular platforms like YouTube and Facebook you might need to spend some time to get used to it that I both windows and mac was since you can download it free from their website the link is the below.


Switchboard now one thing you might have noticed among the apps it is mentioned here is that almost all of them allow you to stream to the most popular by thank you know you do Facebook it’s a truck but switchboard is the only platform that lets you stream to probably all the platforms you can think of not only the most popular and all these ones but also the lesser known ones like these. We knew there was so many live streaming options out there .I certainly did check it out the link in the below


BeLive Bob that runs it’s 1 of my personal favorites we live is free with the basic features but those features are pretty damn good let me explain BeLive lets you host 3 live streams or shows a month with up to 2 people our guest 13 years 5 graphic as it’s like you know your logo overlay and stuff and it has both iOS and android mobile app and the coolest thing is that it lets you highlight your user’s comments on the screen selective that’s nice enough now apart from these dedicated live streaming apps that are the most obvious ones that have been mentioned in this video like zoom Facebook Instagram live except truck I’m assuming that we know them already but anyways I just had the links of all such apps down.

Don’t miss anything plus some heat instructed to check it out they have guys 5 the best live streaming apps available in the market today live streaming I believe is a thing of not just 2020 but beyond as well and it’s likely to catch up so jump in and start doing it right now that’s not going to I can take myself thanks for watching guys if you like the video you know what to do but if you didn’t like it let me know in the comments sections white I would like to this is my link I think signing off.

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