Yoast SEO vs RankMath Review & Comparison – Which is better?

Yoast SEO vs RankMath Review & Comparison – Which is better?

In this article, I’ll tell you my take on which is the better plugin for your WordPress blog David or Goliath I mean Yoast SEO and rank math

let’s take a look. Your SEO is one among the most popular WordPress plugins of all time it’s been there for years in my 15 years of entrepreneurship I’ve tried almost every other S. you would just like him you can imagine back in those days that was all in one SEO which was the popular plugin it’s still there on the plug installed but the ownership changed at some point and that’s when it started doing things that it shouldn’t so I did it Just was a better alternative than you’ll still walk the owner of the plugin wasn’t SEO export among bloggers at that time and it only makes sense to go with him and that’s what many of us bloggers did at that time it was and it still is an amazing plugin I used to put so many of my projects it just did the job really well it’s gone through several iterations since then during all these years lots of things changed features got added promotion made available it was up to date kudos to the team for that until March 2018 that’s when a bug showed up on your Sites according to which a lot of websites lost their Google traffic because of a problem with your sex here’s what happened when you update your list to a new location it created a separate page on your website for every image you upload actually it overlooked a sitting in the media settings

where you could redirect these pages to the original image so now what I’m needed the Yoast plugin created thousands of pages on their blogs with just the image in them Google doesn’t really like these pages and expects site owners to either remove them or hide them from the box that didn’t happen and many lost traffic this bug was really an oversight in my opinion something that can happen to any product but the way your steam treated this problem was met with a lot of criticism many bloggers complained that they didn’t take it in the security database so. yoast gave an apology and fix the issue but for many the damage was already done now why am I bringing this up well I’m not saying that yoast SEO is about plugin it is an excellent after applying there’s a reason why it’s being there on the top downloaded plugins list for so long right but remember I mentioned the David and Goliath story in the beginning that’s what’s happening right now yoast has turned out to be this giant dinosaur like plugin that’s way too big wait too popular then a tiny off faster and smaller teams like rank Max rank might is able to overthrow

It quite effectively and this is history repeating itself every time they come someone who will overthrow the one on the throne and take all this time I personally think that it is ranked map who’s taking over let me tell you what I’m not going to get into the intricate details there’s a huge list of features which are only available on rack mad and not on your list it’s in the video description if you want to check it out please do it now it’s an extensive the state that you but let me tell you why Iraq map is better than yours first off the vision I’ve talked to bond with the creator of rack might and was really impressed with this mission when the plug I think the team has really laid out everything from SEO perspective many things I wish to read their own yoast I could see one ranking for example on boarding experience I really didn’t like how the on boarding is done on your wrist I mean it might be great for big enough who does not know anything about a seal but I wish there were more control is available on your list many times I look for something and wouldn’t be there like registered the Meccano index tax right away no index page nations and categories or tags it’s not easy to find on yoast SEO that might be a simple thing but as someone who proposed to fine tune my SEO sittings on the blog it matters a lot to me beyond this there are a whole lot of features on mac mac that makes it a better option than yoast to start off many of the features that are on you’ll scroll or pre planned out.

Available for free on track app that’s total value for money I have to mention some of the things that are only available online at as C. O. as well some of them being a full set of scheme options and it’s huge this is a big Eskimo markup is getting a lot of attention from Google and other search engines these days Google search console integration with this you can see another office your traction right within what and this is impressively done but the mac mac a seals SEO options like being able to optimize for up to 5 key words spoke post right within the post window social media preview it’s a little thing but one of my personal favorites for one monitor and redirection manager I can think about 2 or 3 plans that can do it justice but Mike Mike this year has integrated it beautifully well into it LSI keywords additions are beautifully done and integrated battle with Frank Mike that’s you so I personally love that a team has put a lot of thought into making this unlikely plug these days performance is a big issue for what Chris you can not hear blog would like 50 plugins doing little things I can think of at least 10 plugins that I can get away with if I use black matter CEO not only that because fewer lines of code and it’s well maintained is keen and looks more scalable and compatible with other plugins that alone makes flank Matt leap ahead of yours by a lot of points

I think ranked Matt is a good life in the story it’s small it’s fast it’s new and has all the features big down a clunky old huge product like yoast SEO but to be fairly close I hope the team behind Frank mad will put it off scaling the product and keep it clean and trustworthy I could see the passion and drive with the team let’s hope they stick to it and prove it with time one question I had for like my team was how are they going to monetize this product they don’t have pollution or a paid plan so how are they going to sustain the product without payments also how are they going to enjoy the. 8 a security especially when many are integrating Google search console within the bank might by letting them come out and get access to their demand light what about that my take is that right Matt is a promising better built and a better playing in Daniel stress you I hope it remains this way and the team gives us more options to keep it that way hope you like the video if you did you know what to do 3 things but I can subscribe button and comments this is money got the signing up.

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